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A complete application package will consist of:

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Statement of career goals – 1 page

  • Description of how participation program would further their career – 1 page

  • 3 letters of recommendation

  • Agreement to attend all events

  • For those individuals passing an initial screening, we will request a letter of support from their department chair or dean documenting institutional commitment for their professional development

All materials should be submitted as a single PDF file to Tracy Baust at


We will actively recruit as participants 10 early career faculty members who have been appointed as Assistant Professors in the tenure stream. In exceptional cases, we may also consider very senior postdoctoral fellows who are about to enter their first academic position, such as individuals who have received a Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00) or more senior Assistant Professors who are working towards promotion and tenure. In those two exceptional cases, we believe our program might have an important impact facilitating those transitions. 

Thus, we will focus on the training of URM individuals who have recently begun their faculty careers in neuroscience, with a special emphasis on those whose interests in basic and translational research is consistent with the ultimate mission of NINDS – reducing neurological diseases and stroke. However, we will also recruit neuroscientists working on other areas of neuroscience. We believe that this approach can have the most rapid impact on the academic workforce and on NIH-relevant neuroscience research.


We will recruit individuals judged to have great promise for a successful career in neuroscience. We also will attempt to balance in terms of sex, ethnicity, research focus, and geography. Finally, decisions will be made on the basis of the full application and an interview of the candidate by at least one member of the PIs. Interviews will be conducted by Skype, or when feasible, in person.

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